Privacy Policy

The goal of Pehli Sarkari Naukri is to provide an experience to its Customers that is Sound and Safe.

We value your faith in us, and so we carefully and responsibly handle, use, and protect your personal information. Your information is accumulated by Pehli Sarkari Naukri to connect you with job hunters or companies. Our Privacy Policy provides details about how the information provided by you is gathered, handled, used, and protected.

We take proper measures to safeguard your information from unauthorized access, but we cannot guarantee this. We also do not have control over the use of your data by authorized users. So Pehli Sarkari Naukri is not to be held responsible. You should not give sensitive information, i.e., the advice which should be protected against unauthorized access to safeguard an individual or organization.

You may make adjustments to your profile or even delete your information. And you may also delete your profile when you desire. But recruiters who had access to a pattern might have saved your data together. In this case, we're not responsible/ we can't do anything.

As you join, we collect some information like your address, title, phone number, employment preference, etc. This information helps us get to know you better and help you find whatever you need. We may send you significantly regarding Pehli Sarkari Naukri upgrades in your mail or contact number.

To produce user experience even better and more meaningful, we collect specific information like the things that users are searching the most. This helps us to understand the requirements of our customers better and then aim and do something so. This step of ours assists us in improving our services. Despite the chance of sharing this information with others, we do not do it individually instead take action in aggregate/collectively.

We gather your information to offer a personalized experience and improve our services. To keep you updated, we send you emails or text on your email id or phone number. Your feedback is quite valuable to us as it assists us in improving our site and making your discussion with Pehli Sarkari Naukri more applicable and useful. The info in the form of inspection or the response given by you to us becomes our property. We can use it for the advertising and marketing of our firm.

The advice regarding you is kept confidential and not shared with third parties, except if it is legally required/ unavoidable under law. We may disclose information with outside parties only as long as you agree. We may discuss news in aggregate together with partners to improve services. We may disclose the data gathered from different sites to outsider parties. But if you consider your personal information on a co-branded registration page, this information can be obtained by others. Then in such a case, Pehli Sarkari Naukri will not be held responsible. We use the cookies that will assist you in gaining a much better experience that is more personalized. You can turn cookies off anytime. However, this would lead to specific constraints.


Pehli Sarkari Naukri is not for children under 14years of age. So you will need to verify that you are more than 14 years to be able to continue your access to our website.

Our privacy policy may be amended later on. If any changes occur, we will post the revised policy here itself.


We guarantee to safeguard the information you have provided. To better understand the agreement between the user and Pehli Sarkari Naukri, We request you to read through our privacy policy to have detailed info concerning it.

With your permission, we'll use your information for several functions mentioned previously.